Earthquake resistant building

Suppose the interviewer asks you : What are the provisions to be made in a building to make it earthquake resistant ?
You can give a reply that although this answer is in the purview of a RCC consultant ,let me try to reply from my general knowledge.

The national building code released by  Bureau of Indian Standards (Edition 2000) provides map of India where different zones have been identified based on their sensitivity to earthquake forces.
Accordingly, each zone has been allocated a  seismic coefficient which defines the intensity of earthquake forces in that region.
This coefficient has to be taken into account while designing the foundations.
How ever, as a general guideline  ,
these are the  provisions are to be made in a building’s structure to make it resistant for earthquakes.

1.Tie beams
2.Shear walls
3.Through lintels
4.Band beamsPatli)
5.Symmetric position of water tank
6.Limited overhangs
7.Entire design to be cross checked for the seismic forces for that seismic zone.


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