Finding the right foundation ?

Suppose you are asked
“How would you decide the type of foundation for a building ?”

This article explains the various criterion which affect the design of a building foundation.
RCC  Isolated Step  footing
RCC Isolated Step footing

Foundation design is a complex subject and needs careful analysis of multiple factors.

Most important thing to remember is that foundation solution for any building is very special.
Therefore it is never possible to directly replicate the same to any other building without due diligence.

The factors affecting the design of a foundation depends on :

A. Planning factors:
A.1 Column height
A.2 Distance between adjoining columns.
A.3 Load on the column 
( dependent on A.1& A2)
A.4 Loading conditions like Dead load,Live load, Wind load,Seismic considerations etc.

These factors are controlled and /or influenced  by the planning team .The functional needs of the Owners  are transformed into shape( geometry ) & size  by the architect .

RCC consultant gives the structural strength to the various elements like slab beam column etc.

B.Natural factors:

B.1 Type of strata at location of foundation
B.2 Safe bearing capacity of the soil
B.3 Sub soil water level
B.4 Vicinity of a river or stream from the location
After due considerations of all the factors specified in A & B above, the RCC designer arrives at an optimal solution for the foundation  which we shall explore in detail in the next article.

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