9 Habits  which make  a  supervisor effective   .

Supervisor is key person on the site. Here we are going to briefly discuss what are the primary traits in which makes a supervisor effective .We are not talking about technical competence,experience or enthusiasm etc as it is assumed that he is possessing these attributes.
Let us talk something else which are sometimes so obvious that we may tend to overlook :

1. Visualizes the building to be constructed:
It is said that everything is created twice. Once on the drawing board & next on the grounds. Therefore visualization requires two things:
1.1.Having a clear understanding of sequence of construction.

This comes with previous experience of having witnessed similar structures.
1.2.A minute study of the drawings.
Having religiously gone through the drawings gives him extra confidence while handling queries from subcontractorsseniorsconsultants.

2.Able to pinpoint discrepancies in  drawings:
This comes from habit no 1.2 .Due to this habit he is able pinpoint planning errors  which might become a bottleneck during the execution. This also ensures that he has all relevant information about the next steps of construction.

3.Keeps a writing pad handy:
This means taking notes or drawing sketches from time to time  while talking with subcontractors/ seniors/ consultants.
This habit has advantages:

3.1.Able to transfer concepts easily to others through sketches
( Remember: A picture is worth a thousand words)
3.2.His reporting becomes specific & based on facts  ( Not dependent on memory)

4.Asks pertinent questions:
Any good employer/ consultant always appreciates pertinent questions asked before the actual event so that costly mistakes during execution are avoided.

5. Doesn’t frown when asked a numerical question:
Decision making by seniors is dependent on data submitted by the supervisor. Therefore If the supervisor has a taste for arithmetic , he shall be enthusiastic while doing relevant calculations as sought from him.

7.Keeps abreast of technology

8.Believes in MBWA :  MBWA is Management by walking about. It means gathering the facts directly on the spot.

A good supervisor always keeps physically moving across all fronts ensuring every sub-contractor has easy access to him .

8.Able to remember names : Although not an essential trait but I feel this ability always helps him enhance his acceptability in the team.

9.Eatsolid breakfast :
This may seem to be out of place here but a supervisor who comes to the site with stomach full has full physical energy .
It also means that a delayed lunch [ which is also a routine ] does not reduce his energy levels.

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