Gratitude expressed !

You would be wondering what is the basic motive behind writing this blog ?


In fact I was also thinking to address this inherent question in your mind for a few days.

After all, so far we have not talked any thing new as such. Right ?

All these things are pretty basic. Are not they ?

The concern which I have expressed many times to my students is that basics have to be strong.

Even during the interviews, I have seen candidates getting stumbled on simple questions.

Therefore I have been striving to guide students on the basics.

Let us summarize what have we covered so far ?

You have a set of 20 articles in your hands now.

These cover following topics at the introductory level .

[ The links to these articles have been provided in the text for easy access.]

Beginning of a new site

Some initial concepts

Elements of a building ,

RCC buildings,

Foundations ,

Selection of the right foundation ,.

Pile foundations ,

Difficulties in Piling

Renovations job

Concrete ,

Form work


Earthquake resistant  buildings ,

Sale-able area calculations

Basic decisions to be taken before construction is began

Ladies in the construction,

Tools for the supervisors,

Tips for the supervisors and

A few interview questions.

Most important thing is that through this medium I am able to reach out to a larger audience.

That is also one of the reasons why I am not writing this in Marathi or Hindi.

I would never have thought  that persons from USA, Ethiopia ,Bangladesh would be reading this blog [ apart from my own country,India ].

Till date , this blog has received 97 Hits and has been blessed with 3 followers .

[ by the time this blog was published , I saw 102 Hits  ]

After covering a few more basic issues I would like to go to some advanced discussions.

But before that I want to thank all of you ,for this encouragement you are giving through your comments , fellowship and most important of all , the Hits.

With my enthusiastic and young  students
With my enthusiastic and young students

Happy reading !

Thank you so much !


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