Family of Chajjah..Porch..Portico :

In this article we shall discuss some miscellaneous elements in the building. Although, these elements comprise of a very small portion in overall concrete volume, these need to be properly understood.
Let us first list down the elements:

Small projection outside the door & windows. Purpose is protection from sun light & rains.
Normal width of chajjah is between
2′ to 2’6″.
Sometimes a box window is built which creates a box just outside the window. This also serves as a protection against sun & rains. In such case the upper slab acts as a sun shed.
Box window allows occupants to maintain greenery by keeping plants in earthen pots.

This is a projection outside the main door and the width could be from 5′ to 6′. This can be done with either a cantilever slab or with cantilever inverted beams with sunk slab. Main Purpose is protection from sun light & rains. Porch also acts as a central element in the front elevation.
Porch can also be used as a small sit out and for this access is given from the first floor.


Portico is a longer porch. Main difference between porch & portico is that the portico usually has a simply supported slab testing on simply supported beams ( porch has cantilever beams).

Portico are more ornamental in nature and have a provision that car can be parked below till passengers board or alight.
Porticos are generally provided for monumental buildings colleges institutions public buildings or a posh spacious bungalow.

LOOK AT THE PORTICO. The looks are quite fancy.
The looks are quite fancy.

Loft is a cantilever slab of 2′ to 2’6″ projecting out from kitchen or bedroom wall at a height of 7′.Used for storage.

It is the intermediate floor between ground floor and the first floor.
In the shops the roof height is kept at about 16′.In half unit . A slab is given usually at 7′ height in half of this unit.
This is known as the mezzanine floor. It can be used as the office or studio or private space etc. A stair case takes the people from the ground floor.

Oh this is the  Mezzanine floor ?
Oh this is the
Mezzanine floor ?

6.Stilts and stilts floor:
Although these terns appear similar,there is a slight difference between these two terms

On ground floor if there are only columns but no peripheral walls, it is called “stilts “.
This floor is usually kept slightly above the formation level of the plot .
( Formation level is the level of plot after it has been properly levelled and developed. This shall be slightly above the natural ground level ).
There are many uses  but most common use of stilts is parking of vehicles. That’s why it is normally called as Parking.


Stilts floor is that floor which is just above the stilts. There seems to be some variation in the usage of this term.
Some people call this floor as first floor whereas others designate the floor above stilts floor as first floor.

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