Welcome.. Please be seated !

Overview : We are going through the story line of a building right from acquiring the land .We have seen how the construction progressed up to the sub structure. As you know , a competent supervisor was selected and deployed at the new site.

Today we shall see the interview process.

But before sharing with you , the overall arrangements done for the interview , let me share with you some advise on how to face the interview. based on my experience of conducting interviews at many organizations, I have drawn a Do’s and Don’ts for the candidates which let us review first :

Do’s and Dont’s for the candidates:


1.1. Refresh your construction basics before coming to interview. Most interviewers give emphasis on knowing the basics. For example basic formulae , concepts , conversions etc.

1.2. For numerical questions it is alright to use calculator during interview . But please don’t borrow it from the person who is interviewing you. Its a good habit to carry own calculator and a black ink pen with you .

1.3. Listen..think and answer : Don’t rush to answer. If you have not heard the question correctly request interviewer to repeat the question. If you think you have not understood question  correctly, repeat the question so that the other person either confirms it or corrects it.


2.1 Don’t criticize your present employer in any situation: When asked the reason for leaving the present job,some candidates start telling the grievances.

Remember, these might be true to certain extent but this is not the forum to vent out your bottled up feelings. You can tell reasons such as ” better learning opportunity” or ” better prospects” or ” growth potential” etc. which are acceptable reasons for changing the job.

2.Don’t ever reveal the confidential information of your present construction site.

For example: Profitability , sales status, new projects launched etc.

Some interviewers have a tendency to go into the intricacies of your present organization. You can either humbly state that this information is confidential and please ask me different question or state that you don’t know this as this information is not in your purview.

3.Don’t try to get sympathy from the interviewer: Each one has a sad part in the life but its not considered wise to bring it to the interview table.


Now let us see the interview checklist :

1.The planning:

1.1 Job description: The basic job description for a supervisor was first prepared by the clients along with a HR consultant :

1.2 Candidates: Candidates were selected from: Placement agency’s list Direct applications Referred by contacts

1.3 Administrative arrangements:

1.3.1 Sitting arrangement:

1.4 Drinking water:

1.5 Questionnaire:  A small written test was conducted to screen the candidates based on their performance in test

2.The process starts:

3.The entry

4.The interview:

5.The exit

6.Review for final list


8.offer letter

9.Appointment letter

10.Probation period

11.The joining

Author’s note :

The interview is a very comprehensive subject and needs detailed review.

In some future article, we shall give justice to the full topic.

Please bear with me.

Happy reading ! DSC01051


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