Heart to heart

Dear Readers ,

You represent 23 countries.

You may be a student , a professional or just a curious onlooker.

It is sure that you are some where connected to the family of construction.

With this post you shall find the author’s  email id.

Do send Photographs pertaining to construction in your countries.

Just imagine what a great source of information and inspiration it shall become when these photographs are centrally published on this blog  and each visitor gets benefited through added insights about construction practices across the world.

Please don’t forget to write down the details of the photographs or                                                                 any specific aspects you want the readers to notice .

Author intends to use those photographs in the subsequent blogs with appropriate topics and hence please send only those photographs which are free from any copyright hurdles.

Although it  might be stating the obvious , still let me say :

Since this is a social cause , please don’t expect any compensation whatsoever for your contributions except may be a ” Thank you so much ” .

{ Am I forgetting something ? Yeah…the credit shall certainly be given to you in the post where that photograph is published }

Looking ahead for your active contributions.



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