Create a smooth, surface even finish on any project with Geberit Omega60

Architecture, Design & Innovation

Featuring beautiful surface-even styling for a seamless finish in the contemporary bathroom, Geberit has launched the Omega60 flush plate, for a beautiful finishing touch to wall-hung sanitaryware.

2014 Bathroom 2 K2 Omega60

Available in three on-trend glass colours of white, black or umber, or in a high quality brushed chrome finish if preferred, the Geberit Omega60 measures just 184mm x 114mm ensuring it will fit seamlessly into any bathroom design in more ways than one.

Opening up new design options, the compact nature of the Geberit Omega60 flush plate, coupled with its surface even format, gives designers and architects the opportunity to create luxurious, high-end bathroom spaces. Featuring an innovative installation technique, Omega60 also enables architects to include a surface even flush plate as part of a retrofit project for the very first time.

The flush plate is the perfect partner for Geberit’s newest concealed cistern, the Geberit Duofix Omega, which has…

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