I am OK You are OK

Dear Reader ,

This post is being specially written for one of my students.

He had just called me to know what are the things asked in a interview.

I am sharing some thoughts for all job aspirants :

[ Already we have two posts with title :

Welcome …please be seated &

Interview questions which offer some important tips for the successful interview.]

1. Be on a transaction level of ” I am OK you are OK “

Before I expand on this philosophy , let me tell you .There are four basic types of transactions possible :

1. I am OK but  you are not OK :  

Not the right attitude specially during interview.

2. I am not OK but you are OK :

Why to feel inferior ? We are there to seek a job .After all we are exchanging our quality time with salary. We are going to deploy our expertise and experience for that organisation. 

3. I am not OK and you are also not OK :

If you go with this attitude then you would not be optimistic and positive. A gloom shall be on your face.

4. I am OK and you are also OK :

This is the most advisable attitude.

This means we are there because of mutual needs.

No one is obliging any one.

No one is inferior no one is superior.

its equal equal.

We need to possess an attitude of gratitude during the interview.

Regardless of whether we are getting selected or not.

If we are selected, we are getting a job but even if we are not appointed there , at least we have been blessed with an opportunity to express ourselves and to learn how the interaction takes place during the interview.

Go with confidence and be a winner 

All the best 

PS : Before you go for interview , ensure that you have perused all the posts of this blog. that shall refresh the basic issues  in your mind.



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