Vacation request

Dear Reader ,

As you know we started this blog on 4th Nov 2014 and so far we have got 48 posts of our own plus two posts we have re-blogged. ( Totalling to 50 ).


We have received 896 hits on our site which include visitors from 23 countries.

Our posts have been shared 33 times and we have been blessed with 63 followers to the blog.

Not to mentioned that we broke our own record of 27 views in a day to 46 views in a day to present record of 60 views in a day

We have taken various topics and sub topics within the construction categories and worked on 104 tags so far.

We also touched upon the topic of interviews thrice.

So , in 38 days we have posted 48 original articles ie an average of 1.26 posts per day. An article needs at least 3 hours of efforts ( on an average.)

Having said that , now the author wants to apply for a short vacation.

Right now author is working on :

1.Pros & cons of River sand to artificial sand to manufactured sand in the concrete and plastering works.



2. How does one fully prepare and be successful in the selection interviews.

3. Electrical wiring & interface of electrician at the time of RCC slab & masonry works.

Next blog shall be posted on :
18th Dec 2014.

Till that time , keep reading the earlier posts so that by the time we have the next blog you are ready to absorb the further knowledge.

Thank you so much for the love & affection you have bestowed upon the author for which author wishes to express his deep felt GRATITUDE.

Keep reading.
Keep thinking .
Keep growing.

See you after a week.

Bye Bye & take care.


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2 thoughts on “Vacation request”

  1. Sure sir…your coming up blog of 18th does hv a reference to my curious case of buildng…As a regular reader and a fresh architect….your blogs seems to be only one giving novaice like us the practical implementation of our job…great regards…Shall be waiting!!!..

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