Webinars for you

Dear Reader ,

The Webinars :

You shall be glad to know that , we soon plan to start  web based seminars .

The objectives :

1. To cater the focussed  content in a
dedicated manner to the specially formed audience .

2.To be able to present the topic on a real time basis .

3.To be able to understand and resolve the audience queries

4. To enhance greater learning experience

In this context , we have started gearing up .

Registering the participants for the construction webinars has just began.

Kindly subscribe through this link .

Free Subscription

By registering :

1.Your name shall be included in the mailing list .

2. You shall be informed about the Webinar schedules .

3.Based on your interest and availability , you can decide on joining the webinars .

4. You can always  unsubscribe from the list any time in the future if you are nointerested further.

Hope you shall avail this opportunity and subscribe .


Link for Free Subscription



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