What are big skyscraper projects going on in India?

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Answer by A Quora admin:

I stay in Mumbai where I see continuous construction activity everywhere, so I generated quite a lot interest in these 'tall building'. Since Mumbai is an island, it can only expand 'upwards'. So most of the high rises in India will be in Mumbai in future. Though we will see some high rises in others city too.
As of today (09/01/2015), the tallest building in India is a twin tower residential complex in South Mumbai known as Imperial Towers.

India Tower was once under construction but the project is now put 'on hold'. It was a 126 storey , 718 metre skyscraper in Mumbai. When completed, it would be the 2nd tallest man made structure ever made. The project is supposed to start again soon with the height of building decreased to nearly 450m due to various reasons.

World One is a 442 metre supertall skyscraper under construction in Upper Worli, Mumbai. Once completed in 2016, it will be the world's tallest residential tower in the world and the tallest building in India. Tower is expected to be complete on time.

Construction as on November,2014.

Oasis Tower is another 372 metre under construction supertall skyscraper in Worli, Mumbai. When completed in 2016, it will be the second tallest building in India after World One.

Construction as on December 2014.

GIFT (Gujarat International Finance Tec-City) is an under-construction CBD in Gujarat. It was Narendra Modi's pet project when he was the CM of Gujarat. GIFT Diamond Tower is one of the many skyscrapers in GIFT. The tower will be 410 metres tall and will be the tallest building in Gujarat. The work for GIFT Diamond Tower is yet to start,though officially, it is expected to be completed by 2017.

 As of today, GIFT One and GIFT Two, both of height 122 metres, are tallest buildings in Gujarat.

Supernova Spira, one of the five towers of Supertech Supernova, Noida, will be India's tallest 'mixed use' building and North India's tallest building. Supernova Spira will be 300 metres in height. Work in under construction and is expected to be completed in time.

Construction as on July 2014.

Wave City Center Iconic Tower is the tallest building in the Wave City Center, an under construction project in the heart of Noida. Project will be spread over an area of 152 acres that includes residential and commercial properties. Wave City Center Iconic Tower will be nearly 400 metres tall.

Construction as on December 2014

There are 100's of other projects in India which include 200+ metre high rises. Most of them are in Mumbai.

What are big skyscraper projects going on in India?


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