You excel !

Dear Reader ,

Good afternoon !

Have been doing some work on excel recently and have already made one simple application  for construction persons .
This shall be useful for the office as well for site people.
Brief description about this application :
 Its in excel and can be applied to any Beam size .
  1. You can feed the following :
    1. Beam dimensions ( length , width ,depth )
    2. Reinforcement details :
      1. Top bars ( Dia and Nos )
      2. Bottom bars ( Dia and Nos )
      3. Stirrups ( Dia and spacing  )
      4. bent up bars ( Dia and Nos )
    3. Rates :
      1. Tor steel  (  per kg )
      2. Binding wire  (  per kg )
      3. Labour rates for reinforcement (  per kg )
  2. It calculates :
      1.  the cutting lengths for :
        1. Top bars
        2. Bottom bars
        3. Stirrups
        4. Bent up bars
      2. No of stirrups needed
      3. Total weight of reinf per beam
      4. Total volume of one beam
      5. Reinf weight per CuM of concrete
      6. Reinf. cost per CuM of concrete
I suggest you also start working on excel right now and create similar application .
This shall be quite useful to you on day to day work at site.
In case you want a starting point , I can also provide you with what I have created.
For that , just subscribe through the form provided in the post :

In case you want to read more on Excel , do read these articles :

Wish you Excel in your work

How can I learn Excel ?



5 thoughts on “You excel !”

    1. Hello Nirbhay ,

      There seems to be some snag in the link.
      I am going to remove this soon.
      You can please contact me through the form given in the post
      ” Wish you excel in your work “

      Sorry for the inconvenience.
      Shall personally mail you once you submit the form.

      Stay tuned.

      Bye Nirbhay

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