When is the interview ?

Overview :
Each of one has to face the interview …many times in the career.
The builder has to face many interviews while marketing the property constructed .
The job seeker has to face an interview each time a job change is needed.
This article talks about the vital basics to be remembered while appearing for such an interview by a job-aspirant.
1.Background :
Let us assume that a person has already applied for a vacancy and has received an  invitation to present for an interview .The following text takes on from this point and explains how to carry on with the main process and ensuring that the interview process is successful.
2.Definition of a successful interview :
Although each of us would certainly say that the main criterion for success in an interview is whether that person is selected in the interview or not .
In my view , the real purpose behind the first interview is ” Learning the process ” . 
Just ensure that one is going through the process for getting an experience of ” How to face an interview “.
If you go to the interview table with an attitude of learning , you shall certainly be very free and open during the entire discussions.
3.My advice :
Don’t get too much concerned about getting selected . Just focus on the basic process for learning .

4.The Preparation :

4.1. Locating the spot :
if you are traveling from outstation for the interview , first check up about the travel arrangements . 
If it is not practically possible to reach the particular city within your normal resources , immediately talk to the organizers and get the date extended .
Do cite the exact reasons for seeking such an extension . It is better to inform the organizers about the mode of travel so that in the event of any delay , there is a background ready for you.
4.2. The travel expenses :
Check up from the interview letter whether the interview travel shall be reimbursed ?
In such a case , ensure that all travel bookings , tickets and receipts are properly preserved and presented to the concerned person.
4.3. Tip :
Make an inquiry about such reimbursements at the main reception where you are reporting for the interview .
[ Please never ask about such  to the person who is taking your interview. ]

5. On interview day :
5.1.Reach the venue at least 30 minutes prior to the reporting time .
Everyone likes to see the candidates on time.
5.2.Getting ready :
5.2.1.Documents : Always carry two hard copies of your latest resume .
Ensure that all latest changes have been incorporated properly .
For example : mobile no , address , email id , previous /existing employer , salary drawn and sought . Keep a set of original certificates properly in a folder. For submission , keep two sets of photocopies of all certificates / salary slip etc.
1.3. It is always advisable to keep identity and residential proof with you  
[ Passport , Aadhar card , election card etc. ]
5.2.2.Dress :
Keep the dress formal and keep it seasonal where possible .
For example , in summers , it is not necessary to appear in a suit and tie. 
main thing is that you should be quite comfortable in the chosen attire.
6.Reaching the location :
6.1.With Google map , now a days it is possible to locate any address within a city .
Checkup  the local transport before hand so that it is possible to reach the venue before time.
6.2.The arrival  :
Always follow the protocol . For example , reporting to the security or the reception .
6.3.Reporting to the reception :
Meet the receptionist and present the interview letter . [ In case , the invitation is on email , it is better to keep a print out ready with you ]
6.4.Spending time before the interview :
After reporting to the reception , do as directed . It is advisable to take a seat somewhere near the reception . 
Read own resume during the waiting time or peruse the newspapers .
[ Would advise to buy the newspaper while arriving for the interview so that you are updated on the latest happenings around the world ]
7.Entry to the chambers :
7.1. Follow the instructions regarding the entry to the interview chambers. 
Interview is a time consuming process and hence please be patient .
[ Don’t exhibit your impatience by repeatedly looking at your watch. ]
Always knock the door shutter politely once or twice and when someone growls ” Yes ” from inside , enter.
It is better to take a position slightly away from the main table and stand properly .
7.2.Greetings :
Always greet the interviewer with ” Good morning , Good after noon depending on the time of the day  ” 
A natural smile during greeting is advisable . [ No need to force a mechanical smile ]
7.3 Taking a seat :
Don’t directly rush and sit down on the chair unless specifically directed. 
Take the central seat and say ” Thank you ” while getting seated. 
7.4. Posture while sitting :
A straight posture is advisable . Both the hands should be visible and preferably rested on the chair arms or on the table top .
7.5 Listening and responding :
Always listen , think and then speak . if the question is not clear , it is better to say ” Excuse me , can you please repeat the question ? “
7.6.Open and close questions :
A close question has a specific answer .
For example , ” What is the unit weight of concrete ? ” has got only one answer [ 2400 Kg / CuM. ]
So you should not start explaining  the concreting process .
A open question doesn’t have a specific answer and can be developed in many ways .
 Therefore , this is a good measurement of the candidate’s aptitude ,expression and presentation skills. 
For example , an open question such as  ” Explain process of pre-stressing ” can be answered in multiple ways .
Tip :
Listen to question and decide whether it is open or close and accordingly frame the reply.
For open question , it is better to say the conclusion first and then elaborate later .
[ Just like newspaper headlines ,then details ]
8. Character Pointers :
This may look rather obvious , but let me express myself :
8.1. Always speak positive about people ( your present employers , colleagues , team mates etc. ]
8.2. If there is nothing positive about them , take care that at least nothing negative is spoken about them .
8.3. When asked about the reason for  leaving the existing organization , don’t start with the negative issues about that job .
It is more advisable to back your decision with ” For better prospects ” ” for ” Better learning opportunities ” or ” for better challenges ” ” or ” For growth potential “.
8.4. Never … never reveal the practices , methods or secrets of your past or existing organization .
Dear Reader ,
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