What are other alternatives for aggregates in concrete?

Answer by Rakshita Nagayach:

1) EPS: Expanded Polystyrene plays a very unique role in concrete. Research has shown that concrete with this material behaves very similarly to light weight concretes containing traditional aggregates. This is believed to be the case because the styrofoam fills in the gaps that would normally be filled with air. EPScrete is made using 1mm – 3mm diameter expanded polystyrene beads, sand, cement and water in the following ratio 666.6:500:233.3:1 (cement [kg/m^3]:sand [kg/m^3]:water [L/m^3]:polystyrene [m^3/m^3]). Even though the large aggregate is replaced with polystyrene, this type of concrete typically reaches a compression strength of 3psi which is very comparable to lightweight concrete and 25% less than normal weight concrete. EPScrete is cheaper than lightweight concrete and has very good acoustic and thermal resistance.

2) Plastic: High-density polyethylene can be added to concrete and sand as a feasible replacement for coarse aggregate. Research has shown that plastic bags that are tightly packed and then heated, shrink to a size that can easily be used in concrete.

3) Glasscrete: Concrete with glass aggregate is a material mixture that has a lot of potential but also a lot keeping it from reaching this potential. Any type of glass when broken down to about #8 to #4 sieve,with compression strengths comparable to that of normal weight concrete and when glass powder has the same gluing effect as cement, Glasscrete is the best aggregate alternative of the list.

What are other alternatives for aggregates in concrete?


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