How do I get an internship/training related to civil engineering?

Answer by Chaitanya Bharech:

While ‘Jugaad’ and ‘References’ do play a very important role, unfortunately, in India, I would suggest you the following ways to approach a company:-

1. Contact your placement cell/professors in university. The university and the professors in civil engineering department have been working for years now and have contacts with the industry. They will surely be able to help you out. If your placement cell/professor is warm and helpful, they will give you a contact and even may recommend you on their part. But if they are not as warm, then be stubborn and try to push for contacts. Then go to the second point.

2. Contact the ‘contact’ that you received. Other sources that you can reach the people is via linkedin and via other friends / seniors who are working for any of those big companies that you want to work for. Go meet them in office. Carry your resume along ( a few copies should be handy).

3. Sometimes luckily companies do post the internship requirements online (LinkedIn, and alikes, internship websites), so keep looking for them eagerly. And start looking in october itself, if you want to intern in May of next year. Companies start releasing any possible intern positions around november december (though it is very very rare in India).

It is a nutcracker to get an internship. And seldom do interns get paid here. So be aware that no one would pay you for your service, but it is for your benefit that you need to continue to provide your services for free, if that is the case. Internships teach you so much, if you are serious, that you are easily able to land a decent job later. And keep in touch with those people whom you work with. They could help you in job search too. All the best!

How do I get an internship/training related to civil engineering?


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