Where can I find some good stone masons in India?

Answer by Santosh Kulkarni:

I appreciate your question.
Due to onset of red clay masonry , gradually the availability of stone artisans who can actually dress the individual stones to specific shapes and dimensions is becoming quite scarce.
The reasons are :
The stone works are less productive , more skillful , not economical and hence the stone masons are less in demand .
The Stone masonry , can be done in following ways :

  1. Random rubble masonry
  2. Un-coursed rubble masonry
  3. Coursed rubble masonry
  4. Ashlar masonry

Out of these , the options 3 & 4 only need competent stone masons. Options 1 & 2 do not need any dressing/shaping  of the stones but require knowledge of the headers.

On this background , locating stone masons to do Options 1 & 2 is not difficult .Just get in touch with any sub contractor who is doing brick masonry and he can certainly arrange stone masons.

if you are looking at Options 3 & 4 ( for some religious structures or a monument ) , it is advisable that you visit Rajasthan                   ( Jaipur,Jodhpur ,Udaipur ) there one can locate the competent stone masons.

Else visit southern part of India like Tamilnadu for stone artisans.

Where can I find some good stone masons in India?


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