Towards the cosmetics !

Good afternoon Readers ,

We are now at 11,025 views , 180 + days ,158 followers .

We are now entering the Phase 02 .

You shall wonder what is this all about ?

Right ?

During the first phase , we focused mainly on the building structures.

We dealt into Foundations, columns, beams, slabs,lintels, chajjas etc.

We talked about plain cement concrete , Reinforced cement concrete etc.

We described Form work and also explained Reinforcement steel.

We also talked about the masonry , brick work , AAC blocks etc.

Now we shall be dealing with the Finishing part of the buildings.

The topics would look something like this :

Flooring , Tiling , Plastering , Painting ,Waterproofing ,Plumbing , Sanitary etc.

So I thank you for giving total support for this blog.

Welcome to the Phase 02.


2 thoughts on “Towards the cosmetics !”

  1. Dear sir, Hello, how are you. Iam thankful for your teaching in our class. Recently I am planning to start brickwork for four story apartment building. I like to use AAC block but few technical issues keeping me away from using AAC blocks. Major issue is vertical and horizontal crack in walls there are other like difficulties face by electrician for zarri work. By visiting different web pages few point i come know that poor manufacturing practice by AAC manufacturer by not using proper raw material, improper morter ratio, not providing paatli after few layer or thick morter layer or shrinkage of block itself . It is difficult to monitor mason24/7. Please provide light on this subject. Or it is safe to use red brick time. Being to avoid all these issues or until get fool proof solution to these problems. Reader please give feedback if you have overcome this cracking issue with some solution.


    1. Hello Asif ,

      You have asked very relevant questions.
      The issues or vertical and horizontal cracks in the AAC block masonry seems to be new .
      It may be related to the way the scaffolding has been made for doing the masonry work.
      If it is single scaffold, the vibrations from the scaffold do get transferred to the masonry.
      may be we should try and make the double scaffold.

      As for as chasing for electrical conduits is concerned , I am sure using the electric rotary saw is a proper method of making the chases.

      As discussed , do send me the photographs of the cracks on the wall.

      Stay in touch.



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