Welcome for the interview !

“ Dear Sir , I want the different  questions and their answers which are asked in interview for civil engineer job. “


Dear Friend ,

Thank you so much for asking this question to me on Whatsapp.

This question has come at such a time when I was desperately looking for a worthy topic on which I can write down something on my blog.

So here is the answer to your question.

  1. Before you start on this article, let me share a link with you .You can either go to this link , read the article given and then come back on this page. This shall give you some added advantage.

The link is :

” When is the interview “ 

  1. Now , here is how you can prepare yourselves for the forthcoming interview.
  2. Academics :

Ensure that you are thorough in your academic subjects. Specially , if you are a fresher and have recently given your final year examinations. Normally , you shall be asked this question

“ Which is your most favourite topic in construction ? “

Against this question , it is expected that you mention one or two specific subjects such as either “ RCC “ or “ estimation “ etc.

For sake of God , don’t ever say , everything is my favourite

[ or don’t say “  I don’t like any subject in construction “]

Remember , in case you are asked such a question and if you have answered ,let us say , reinforced cement concrete , then you must be reasonably proficient in this topic.


Tip :

It is advisable that you practice on this topic along with your friends or peers. If there is no one available , may be you can practice by generating your own questions.

You can make a mind map on RCC.

[ may be some later article , we can see how to prepare a mind map ].



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