Writer’s block

Dear Readers ,

I know I have promised to you in my previous article that we shall soon start adding articles on a different line of thinking soon. You must be patiently waiting for the next articles. But this is the status as on date : 

What do we write?

That’s the eternal question.

For a long time I have been thinking of adding an article in my wordpress blog. It has been now 3 months since we have arrived here at London. In spite of lot of desire, have not added a single article in my blog.

Today let us add something.

For adding, we need to write something.

For writing, we need to have collected ideas on some topic. For collection and compilation of the ideas, it is essential that I have finalized a particular topic on which I must offer my views. Before I finalize any topic, I must have a small shortlist of the all the probable topics where I can add a little value.

So , to summarize , I don’t have any list of shortlisted topics right now . I have a feeling that I have already exhausted writing on all the topics and hence now I don’t have anything to write down.

This is not a great sentiment to start writing I know.

So right now, this is the status. On one end I have a nagging feeling that have not added anything in the blog for a long time  .Each day , there are a few followers who get added in the blog. Other hand, I have not developed any checklist for the new topics on which I can write down.

This is probably what is known as the writers block.

Unless I come out of this block , there cannot be any further addition to our blog.

Let us first solve this issue.

What is the best method of coming out of this ?

It is taking the first step.

Whats that first step ?

Writing an article.

On which topic ?

This itself has become the topic.

How to come out of the “mental block ” or the writer’s block has appeared as the first topic.






2 thoughts on “Writer’s block”

  1. Greetings,

    Dear Mr santosh sir,

    The idea is very good..

    I think we should start from the topic ..Estimation..i.e. budgeting..
    Everyone, no matter a civil engineer or other professional but do estimation for everything from building a home to arranging a party.

    And Estimation is the only thing which will interest all the persons irrespective of the profession.
    So, we should start on this topic from definition to all the things which can be discussed..
    just for Example for building a home..giving a contract, procurement of material..etc.


    1. Dear Reader ,
      Thank you so much for the encouragement and appreciation.
      Certainly , let us go ahead on this line.
      Stay tuned.


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