Steps of Piling ?


Background :

Earlier we saw the different types of foundations that can be done for a building.                           We also saw the overall steps involved in doing a pile foundation.

Now we shall see those steps in a more focused manner.

  1. Mobilization on the site :
  2. Selection of the contractor
  3. Appointing the security
  4. Boundary/Fencing for the plot
  5. Site Office
  6. Water connection
  7. Electrical connection
  8. Material procurement
  9. Cement godown
  10. Water tank
  11. Approach on the site
  12. Line out of the piles


  1. Moving in of the Piling equipment at site
  2. Preparation of the reinforcement of piles
  3. Piles boring by machine ( Hammering/boring )
  4. Casting of Piles
  5. Breaking of the top portion concrete of the Piles
  6. PCC for the Pile caps
  7. Reinforcement of the Pile caps
  8. Shuttering for the Pile caps
  9. Casting of the Pile caps




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