Getting damn bored

Hello all Readers ,

You would be surprised to see this this heading .

yes truly ,I am getting damn bored now.

You shall ask why ?

I am not getting any ideas as to how to continue on this blog ?

As such there are so many other things which can be done on this blog.

There are so many topics , sub topics under the construction management that we can eternally keep on writing this blog.

However , as you know in any conversation , there is a limit for an unilateral talk.

Unless there is a question ,query on the other side , there is no further excitement.

So, at this juncture , I look up to you.

Especially , the 260 followers to this blog.

You must now suggest me topics .

You can raise queries .

This shall be a great motivation for me if you can write back to me through this blog about what you want to be included here.

Awaiting for your responses.

Bye Readers 



7 thoughts on “Getting damn bored”

  1. Sir, I just read the mail. With all due respect what I think is now we should focus on some practical constraints on various construction activities ongoing at site. What I mean to say is me myself and may be all the followers will be definitely interested in knowing some things beyond we learned at ashoka such as reasons for leakage, water to be added in mortar and all those reqd. for a new person to start with. What I think thorough practical knowledge on each smallest part is must for starting any construction activity for a new person. So in this regard if all of us followers can get some ideas, views or anything from you that is going to be very valuable for us. In my opinion if a format or a protocol is made on processes of activities in construction in a set of conditions those must be followed right from the start to finish level it will be a very helpful to all beginners. – Sudeep Kulkarni.


    1. Sudeep ,

      Great to see your suggestions.
      Would like to thank you for taking out valuable time for this.
      Will it be possible for you to frame up a few questions for me so that these can be directly answered through the blog ?
      This shall certainly be quite helpful for every one out here.

      Thank you so much Sudeep once again.


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