My God..You are Cranked !

Friends ,


You shall certainly feel that I have become cranked after seeing this post which is again on Bar bending schedule. But this time , we are going to learn how to calculate the cutting length of the BENT UP BAR which is also known as CRANKED BAR  

[ By the way , this is sometimes referred as the Flexural steel ].

The following example shall give you clarity on the Bent up bars.

But before we take up the example, let me give you a simple formula for calculating the cutting length of the bent up bar.

By this time, you already know that in Beam , there are 2 bent ups per bar whereas in a slab , there is only one bent up per bar.

Just see the following sketch :


Now write down the following formula :


Some students have asked me what is the logic behind this factor 0.41 H.

The logic can be found by applying the famous right angle formula by Pythagoras.

Still if you are not able to find out , we shall study in a separate article. OK ?

Now , let us solve the following question using this formula :


Try to find out the cutting length YOURSELVES through the application of the formula.

Check your answer in the following sheet :


Hope you have enjoyed this exercise.

Thank you !



4 thoughts on “My God..You are Cranked !”

  1. Respected Sir, crank length l/5 or l/4 or 1.5L etc..please explain sir,in one way slab or continous slab or Two Way slab crank length…


  2. Sir, Thanks for new information.I have suggestion with respect to the photo you attached.Use armour sheets to cover slab doing this you can avoid hacking before plastering. Regards Kevin


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