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Today , let us address the queries of Tofik.

Let us first see what he has to say :


So let us first attend to the first question :

  1. What is expose concrete ?

Exposed concrete ,which is also known as the FORM FINISHED CONCRETE , is a concrete where the surface quality is  superb .There is no plastering done on this. Only painting might be needed to suit with the interiors.

For achieving a high quality of the concrete surface , ply wood form work is done .

The state and condition of the ply used determines the degree of finish of the concrete surface.

The projection of the ply  joints appearing on the concrete surface are polished with a hand held grinder.

The mix of concrete is what is recommended by the RCC designer. usually M25 or greater.

It is certainly advisable to use plasticizers so that the flow is achieved without compromising with the durability of concrete. Better flow shall result in better penetration of concrete below the steel bars. This shall in turn ensure that there is no honey comb in the concrete.

Advantages :

Superb aesthetical appearance.

Saving in the cost of cement plaster. 

Disadvantages :

Since new plywood form work must be used , the number of repetitions that can be achieved with the given set of ply gets reduced. This increases cost of the form work. 

Look some of the photographs :

THIS ENTIRE SLAB IS EXPOSED CONCRETE. This is a post tensioned slab . the Red bands painted indicate that the tendons are running just above the red markings. This is to ensure that no drilling is done in this zone for fixing electrical or other fixtures .


Exposed concrete in the Same project  


(On a different project )Look at the Ply wood form work done for achieving exposed concrete.
Yet another project , you can see the natural surface of the concrete slab . The masons are doing only the plastering on the walls

We shall handle other queries in the subsequent post.

Thank you for the query Tofik.



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