How to satisfy your needs ?…..Please tell.

Dear All ,

Your satisfaction is the basic aim of this blog.

You may be a student , a professional or a novice who has just entered the area of a construction site. In the order to meet your expressed and implied needs , the following question often comes to me in various forms :

” How to chose the contents of this blog so that this :

  1. Caters to your needs ,
  2. Answers your queries 
  3. Satisfies  your hunger for knowledge

Today , you shall find that we have opted for a different theme for the blog :

Option A :


Option B :

We had tried this before coming to option A :


Option C :

And this theme you are quite familiar with. This was used for two years .


So now friends , can you please spare some time and give me your feedback as to which of the themes is most appealing to you ?

Just WRITE your THOUGHTS in the form below and press submit.



2 thoughts on “How to satisfy your needs ?…..Please tell.”

  1. Dear sir, I’m a fresher who joined as a site engineer before two months. I request you to give a brief note on what are the basic things that the site engineer must known, like mix proportions for different works, reinforcement details, covers etc.,

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    1. Hello Sundar ,

      Glad to know that you took time to write to me.
      Hearty congrats for your new assignment.
      Its an occasion to rejoice.
      Certainly we can work out a great learning plan together.
      Can you just ping me on my email so that our conversation is flowing and uninterrupted.
      Looking ahead to hear from you soon


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