How to prevent cracks between RCC & Masonry ?

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Yes Yogesh.

You have asked a very pertinent question.

Problem :

Cracks appearing on the joints between RCC and Masonry.

Reason :

Different materials joining together at a junction never become unified.

The materials are different .Their qualities are different. Their expansion & contraction coefficients are different. Their young’s modulus is different. So expecting them to be homogeneous is itself not correct.

Remedy :

Open the cracks and refill them.

Refilling can be done with cement paste or cement mortar of 1:1. Refilling and plastering make over is necessary. May be a coat of painting on the entire wall shall be needed.

Prevention of cracks :


Applying aggregate wrapped in cement mortar 1:1 in the joint between RCC and the masonry. This is a skilled work and hence required skilled artisans.


Provide chicken wire mesh at the joints.

Mesh can be either mild steel mesh or glass fibre.



2 thoughts on “How to prevent cracks between RCC & Masonry ?”

  1. The surface must be free from dust, oil, grease, loose particles, etc.

    Moist the surface before applying the products like Dr.Fixit Crack-X etc.. cracks must be widened up to a minimum of 1 mm. remove the Existing POP before applying it. allow it fr drying upto 6-7 hours. after that you can paint it .

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    1. Hello Ravi ,

      Thank you so much for the value additions. It is appreciated.
      You also may like to contribute to this blog through an article on the above issue.
      Please consider this as an invitation from us.

      Stay tuned


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