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Thought today let us spend time reviewing our earlier content in the light of the queries received :


Here is the mail received from one of our recent followers :


In the context of this mail , let us give some quick tips for better learning:

The first issue of Foundation marking has been explained in this article :

How line out is exactly done ?

Then there is yet another post which gives further explanation :

Line out ? let us do it now .

Regarding the second point of which mix to be used when ?

This is a general guideline :



Always remember the Golden rules:

  1. Follow the mix specified in the RCC drawing.
  2. For any structural concrete [ Footing , column , beam ,slab , staircase, water tanks , lintels, chajjah , patli , use only concrete M20 or above M20

Regarding the point no 3 , follow these guidelines :


For point no 04 , this shall help :


Regarding point no 05 , for arriving at the cutting length , this article shall assist :

Cutting length ? What is this ?

And finally , regarding the point no 06 , which is also a very good question , has been touched with in this post :

Entrepreneurship in Civil engg.


You are most welcome to ask further queries by using this form here :


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