Four Simple examples of estimation

Hello Everyone !

Estimation gives you an insight into the materials needed which can also help you to plan the budgets involved 

Presenting 4 crisp numericals for you today.

As usual , first try to solve them yourselves.

After your attempts, verify the solutions from the second part of this blog.

Ready ? So here are the examples :



Please take your time for solving these examples.


Do not …I repeat …please do not read below this line unless you have made an effort to solve these examples.


Alright . I am really happy that you took time to solve these examples.

Now  cross check your answers here !






How was the score ?

Please remember . Not only the final solution but the method is also quite important.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Do you know ?

If same examples you have tried to solve through M.S.Excel , this could have given you a ready templates for the future reference. In case of change of any of the variables , the answers can be found in milli seconds. That’s why employers prefer candidates who have a command over the M.S.Excel.

Have a  look here : LEARN M.S.Excel

Thank you !

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