Ready template for Rate Analysis

Dear Friends ,

Let us develop a great template for Rate analysis.

If you prepare this template and maintain on your lap top , you can work out so many variations  of this rate analysis . This shall boost your efficiency .Not only this , you shall be able to support your team in arriving at the accurate decision making during tender analysis. Your negotiation process shall also be quite effective.

In case the clients need a supporting rate analysis from you , you can submit a print out of this MS Excel sheet.

Believe me , if you can do this , you can win the confidence of your clients .

Now let us take a specific case ;

The variable are listed as under :

  1. All the material rates
  2. Material wastages
  3. Labour, Administration , Tools & plants , Contingencies, Profit % 

As you know , if there is a slight variation in any of these factors , there shall be an effect on the complete rate of the item.

First look at this template .

This is self-explanatory :



Try preparing a similar template yourselves .

The effect on the rate whenever you revise any of these variables can be determined within the fraction of a second.

All the best !

In case of any queries , do contact me using this form :


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