Ready template for Internal Plaster

Hello Friends ,

We have been talking about preparing templates for various civil works .

In the previous article, we saw how to prepare a template for Rate analysis for cement concrete of M20 grade.

This is the link for your quick reference : Link

Today , let me share with you a template for Internal plaster.

In this template , you need to feed the following inputs :

  1. Room dimensions [ length , breadth and height ]
  2. Details of the openings 
  3. Mortar mix for the plaster
  4. Thickness of the plaster
  5. Material rates

The template shall immediately give you :

  1. Total material cost for the plaster
  2. Rate of plaster in Rs/sqm & Rs/sqFt.

If you want , you can also know :

  1. Area of roof plaster 
  2. Area of wall plaster
  3. Deductions
  4. Mortar volume required
  5. Materials required

This is the template for your study :


Hope you are able to able to prepare similar templates yourselves for your day to day applications at site.

In case of any queries , you are most welcome to contact me using this form here :

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Have a nice day.

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