Rate Analysis for Gypsum Board Partition

Rate Analysis is an interesting science. It requires reseach into the item nomenclature , specifications. You need to find out whether any manufacturer has been specified ? This post explains you the basic steps which you shall have to take to arrive at the item rate if finishing items. Here the rate analysis of a Partition wall is being illustrated.


Rate analysis for Stone Masonry :

Readers, When I was standing in a car park , waiting for someone to complete the shopping , I got a Whatsapp message from one of my students , asking me for the Rubble masonry rates. He said he wanted to submit the quotation on the same day. There was no use of just giving … Continue reading Rate analysis for Stone Masonry :

How much material for Brick work ?

Hello Friends ,

Do you know how to calculate the material required for constructing 1 CuM of brick masonry ? This information is useful for :

Calculating the material to be brought for the brick masonry.
Doing rate analysis
Making a detailed estimate 
Today we shall solve one example so that you are able to understand each step with utmost clairity.

What is the difference between scaffolding, shuttering and framework as per civil engineering?

Form work is the arrangement done to support the green concrete till it attains the strength. There are various terms like Centering, Shuttering, Staging and Scaffolding. This post gives enough illustrated photographs from the site to explain the basic terms used at site.

Piles ..Piling ..everywhere !

Dear Friends , Today I plan to take you for a site visit. This site is quite near to the river . The hard strata at this location is not available till almost 7 Meters and hence PILING was considered as a better  option as compared to OPEN foundations You shall see the piling work actually … Continue reading Piles ..Piling ..everywhere !