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Can sand from beaches be used in concrete as a replacement for river sand? by Santosh Kulkarni


Mix design for concrete M80 ??

Dear friends, 

Today let’s see how to carry out the mix design. I’d like to quote a good answer on quora. 

Knowledge of this topic is very important for every construction personnel. 

Read this post carefully. 

What is the mix proportions for the M-80 Grade concrete, and where is it used? Let’s see how this subject has been dealt with.

Footing depth in case of a BC soil? 

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You must have heard about the black cotton soil. It’s also known as the bc soil. It expands when it comes in contact with the water and shrinks when the water dries up. 

So now the question is how to decide the depth of footing in case of bc soil? 

Read through this article for the complete information about this aspect.

How many specimen cubes? 

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On site, we need to cast specimen cubes for testing the concrete. This post explains how to remember the size and how many cubes are tested and at how much duration? 

How many cube specimens are used to find the maximum strength in concrete, and why? by Santosh Kulkarni

How much Material  in concrete mix : 1:1.5:2?

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This practice is going to be quite useful to you at the site. 

Even if this question is asked during the interview,you can be confident now. 

Please read this carefully and remember the trick. 

One cubic meter of cement concrete mixture of ratio 1:1.5:2 then what will be the quantity of c… by Santosh Kulkarni