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How much material for Brick work ?

Hello Friends ,

Do you know how to calculate the material required for constructing 1 CuM of brick masonry ? This information is useful for :

  1. Calculating the material to be brought for the brick masonry.
  2. Doing rate analysis
  3. Making a detailed estimate 

Today we shall solve one example so that you are able to understand each step with utmost clairity.

Here we go.













Hope you are able to properly get the steps .

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Brickwork at London

HAMPTON COURT PALACE : Look at the elaborate & refined artistic work done through exposed brickwork. This palace is situated on the banks of the river Thames/

Why do we water bricks or concrete blocks before taking them for use in construction?

Normal question which comes to our mind is why do we wet the bricks before use ? Right ? So this article answers this basic query which everyone has .

Answer by A Quora admin:

There are three reasons for submerging bricks/blocks:

1. Test for absorption: A brick is submerged in water for 24 hours. If its weight after 24 hours exceeds its dry weight by 20%, the brick is not used for construction.

2. Test for presence of soluble salts: After 24-hour submergence, if grey/white deposits occur on the brick, soluble salts are present. If white deposits cover more than 50% of the surface, the bricks are not used for construction purpose.

3. Quench the thirst: Its said that bricks are very thirsty. So the selected bricks are submerged for sufficient time so that they absorb sufficient water and fill most of their pores with it. Or else they will absorb the water of the mortar, thus reducing its strength to a great strength.

Edit: Bricks are soaked also to remove dirt from their surface. Thanks for the point Sanchit Bajaj.

Why do we water bricks or concrete blocks before taking them for use in construction?