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M sand economical than Natural sand ?

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Every year during the rainy season , the natural or river sand becomes short supply. Construction work suffers. There are other options available for the river sand…such as Crushed sand or M sand.

This post explores whether using the M sand as a replacement to the natural sand is econoimcal ?

Read it to know

Is a manufactured fine aggregate pricier than sand? by Santosh Kulkarni

Curing of RCC beams? 

Hello friends,

You must be wondering how’s the curing of the RCC Beam takes place? 

Read through this answer here :

If the beams and slabs of a building are casted monolithically, then how is curing beams done? by Santosh Kulkarni

How to find Cutting length: Diamond rings

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Friends ,Readers and Followers .

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We are connecting after a long time. Right ?

Let us take the query asked by one of the intelligent readers :


First part of the query we have already addressed in the following post :

How to find cutting length of circular rings.

Now let us take care of the second part.

Diagonal stirrups or Diamond stirrups.

To explain the basic method , let me take one solved example :


let us see the solution now :





Hope this is quite clear .



Concrete without Sand ? Possible ?

Where the concrete can be prepared without sand? If so is it having more strength and durabilit… by Santosh Kulkarni  

A picture is better than 1000 words…

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Good afternoon.

You all know the Chinese phrase ” A picture is better than a thousand words “

Let us understand some basic terms of the building with the help of the photographs.

There are certain photographs through which these terms can be understood.








So friends , now you tell me how do like this experience ?

Would you like to have a huge collection of such slides ?

There are 500 plus terms which have been explained with the help of actual photographs taken at the site.

The terms are from various topics such as Concrete, RCC, Reinforcement , Masonry and Structure.

This collection is quite useful for understnading the basic concepts of construction.

You can have these photographs for a very very nominal cost. 

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You are appointed if you solve these simple questions….

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Presenting you some interesting problems from the site.

Try to solve these questions as if these have been posed to you during a written test or have been asked by the interviewer. Believe me , these type of sums usually decide the fate of your selection for a job. They appear so simple on the surface that you tend to loose your focus from them. Then subsequently you realize that you have committed some very silly error during solving .

Practice ..Practice and Practice is the only mantra that can be given for the success.

So , as usual , first try to solve them all by yourselves.

When you think you have found the answers , move slightly below the question and find the answers.

Best of luck.!

Ready ?

Set ..Go….













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