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New Webinar on AAC blocks

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You can view this Free webinar on AAC blocks on this link :

AAC blocks { Hindi }

This has been narrated in Hindi so that many of you can understand the subject. This is an introduction to the topic and if you like this Webinar,then I can prepare the advanced video on AAC blocks and post it for you.

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What is grade 53 of cement? 

What is the 53 grade in cement? Read this post which explains the basic concepts behind the grade :

How many specimen cubes? 

Dear friends, 

On site, we need to cast specimen cubes for testing the concrete. This post explains how to remember the size and how many cubes are tested and at how much duration? 

How many cube specimens are used to find the maximum strength in concrete, and why? by Santosh Kulkarni

How much is the 7th day. strength of M20 ?

What is the compressive strength of grade 20 concrete at 7 days? by Santosh Kulkarni