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Cutting Length of a Footing Bar  [ Marathi ]

How to find ratio from the grade  [ Hindi ]

How to calculate materials in concrete [ Hindi ]

These videos have been specially made in Hindi and Marathi as I have seen that some students do have difficulties in understanding the English.

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Importance of English at sites 

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How many specimen cubes? 

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On site, we need to cast specimen cubes for testing the concrete. This post explains how to remember the size and how many cubes are tested and at how much duration? 

How many cube specimens are used to find the maximum strength in concrete, and why? by Santosh Kulkarni

How much Material  in concrete mix : 1:1.5:2?

Dear friends, 

This practice is going to be quite useful to you at the site. 

Even if this question is asked during the interview,you can be confident now. 

Please read this carefully and remember the trick. 

One cubic meter of cement concrete mixture of ratio 1:1.5:2 then what will be the quantity of c… by Santosh Kulkarni

Start the On the Online Course : 

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Today let me share with you the experience of certain students of the on line courses for civil engineers. 

These are the distinct people who are already doing or have completed the on line courses. 

Just see their feedback about the course.

Our suggestion is that you also upgrade your knowledge, skills and overall profile through the courses. 

Write us today for the syllabus. 

You can also visit the website for details

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How much is the 7th day. strength of M20 ?

What is the compressive strength of grade 20 concrete at 7 days? by Santosh Kulkarni

Civil engineer shifting to other disciplines? 

What are your views on fresh graduates shifting to other fields due to the lack of opportunitie… by Santosh Kulkarni

Changing the career? Read this first. 

Experience in civil construction.. Still want to go for a different career? 

Read on to understand the pros and cons.. 

I have 25yrs experience in the construction industry, but want a change. What could I possibly … by Santosh Kulkarni