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Civil engineer shifting to other disciplines? 

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Changing the career? Read this first. 

Experience in civil construction.. Still want to go for a different career? 

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I have 25yrs experience in the construction industry, but want a change. What could I possibly … by Santosh Kulkarni

What’s Casing in Pile foundation?  

Dear friends, 

During the boring for piles foundation, a mild steel pipe is used in the top portion. This is known as the casing. The purpose of casing is preventing the black cotton soil from falling into the pile hole. 

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Why is casing used in pile construction? by Santosh Kulkarni

What if RCC beams and slabs are cast at different times? 

What if beam and slab are not casted monolithically but casted individually? by Santosh Kulkarni

Curing of RCC beams? 

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You must be wondering how’s the curing of the RCC Beam takes place? 

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If the beams and slabs of a building are casted monolithically, then how is curing beams done? by Santosh Kulkarni