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Rate Analysis for Gypsum Board Partition

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So far we have been dealing with the Rate analysis for the RCC , Concrete , Brick work and other such items from a construction site.Correct ?

You can refer to the following link:

Rate Analysis for Brick work 

Today ,we shall address a different item.

What is a complete Item Rate ?

Let us assume that you have been given the BOQ [ Bill of Quantities ]with several items which you need to execute at the site. Before execution , you need to submit the rates for the individual items .This is known as Complete Item rate.

In context of a Construction tender , a completed item rate is the rate at which you are going to offer to complete the work.

The completed item rate , therefore , has the following components :

  1. Material cost including the Base rate , Loading , unloading charges, Transportation , Storage etc. You shall also have to add the probable wastage that might take place during handling, storage , local conveyance and during the execution.
  2. Labour cost .This shall depend on the skills . degree of specialization needed to execute the work etc. In specific items , the tender might refer to proprietary items . [ What is a Proprietary item ?  ] . In such case , it shall be required to get the quote from the qualified Applicators. Usually , there shall be approved agencies who are qualified by the Manufacturer for application of their products at site.
  3. To the subheads 1 & 2 , you shall have to add the following :
    1.  Supervision
    2. Administration
    3. Tools and Plants
    4. Overheads
    5. Contractor’s profit
    6. TDS
  4. Such addition of 1, 2 & 3 shall give you what is known as the Complete item rate for that item.

In this context , now let us see one real life example .


Suppose you have been given a BOQ as follows and you are asked to do the rate analysis for the individual items .


Let us sample the first item for discussion here :


Now . what is the next step ?







In this case , the BOQ has specified the India Gypsum as the Approved Product / manufacturer.Therefore , it is necessary that you visit the web site as following link :

India Gypsum 

Henceforth , you need to take the following steps :

  1. Visit the Web page
  2. Contact if there are local dealers/ stockists of the specified product.
  3. Obtain a price list 
  4. Find out if Approved Applicators are available
  5. Obtain a quote from the Applicators 
  6. Arrive at the Complete item rate as explained in the first paragraph of this post.
  7. Repeat identical steps for each of the item in the BOQ. 

It is suggested that the actual calculations for the rate Analysis are carried out in the MS Excel . This shall help you when doing some corrections in the tabulation or when you have do identical calculations for the next item. 

In case you would like to learn the science of doing the Rate analysis in a methodical way , do contact me using this form here :


What are the benefits of revolving doors?

Answer by Isaac Gaetz:

Revolving doors allow for better control of the interior environment when compared to regular sliding or hinged doors. In colder climates, the difference can be very large. Opening a hinged or sliding door even for a brief period will let out a tremendous amount of heat; increasing heating costs for the entire building. With a revolving door, this doesn’t happen as there is never a point where the air can flow freely between the conditioned (inside) and unconditioned space (outside). The reverse should be true in hot climates, where the goal is to keep in the cooled air.

Here are some images of a building near my office. This is the Thompson center in Chicago, Illinois. As you can see it has a very large internal open space. I have been in this building during many cold winter days. The building has revolving doors and a couple sliding doors. The sliding doors are normally only intended for disabled or impaired users who may find using the regular revolving doors difficult or impossible. Every time someone uses one of the sliding doors and there is a direct opening of cold winter air outside into the space inside, the sensation of air movement and heat loss is incredible.  You can be standing 200 feet away across the atrium and you will feel the gush of air flowing by.

What are the benefits of revolving doors?