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Free Video for you on Concrete. [Grade from Ratio and vice versa]

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Every construction person needs to know these :

  1. How to find out the grade of concrete if the ratio is known
  2. How to find the ratio if the grade is given.

Right ?

Just spend 12 minutes of your busy time in watching the following video and you shall know the trick. Learn through the simple to follow steps and master the technique.

Concrete : Grade to Ratio 

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Video for Bar Bending Schedule

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Start with your New year with new learning.

Look though this Free Video.

This shall make you growth fast.


You can have a look at this sample video here.

How to prepare Bar Bending Schedule like a pro ?

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Happy New Near 2018

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Wanted to make sure that every one of you receive my new year wishes in time.

Would like to present you with the recently uploaded video on you tube.

This explains ” How to calculate the material Quantity for concrete ?”

This video is in simple Hindi which you shall certainly appreciate.

Here is a quick link for you :

Concrete : Materials :

Before we start with the new year 2018 , let me express my sincere thanks to each one of you who made this blog a grand success.


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Why Online course ?

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You are in touch with the posts on this blog and hence you must be quite aware that we are offering On Line courses for Civil Engineers ?

You must have already read this article :

Get ready for a Pay Hike  

Various courses are offered :

have a look here :

CATALOGUE.OLC.17.03.17. (1)

You might be wondering what are the advantages of this Online Course ?

  1. It saves time commuting to & fro the real Class room .
  2. The course is attended directly from your hand set.
  3. You can complete  the assignments just in the routine time.
  4. Cost is negligible as compared to the conventional classes.
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  6. You can continuously upgrade yourselves while on the go.

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What is Bar Bending Schedule ?

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The Blog has recently achieved a status of having 850 Followers .

Various Initiatives are regularly planned for the engagement and enlightment of the readers.

One such initiative is ” On Line courses for Civil Engineers ” which have been commenced from Sept 2016.

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Really?  On line course? 

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Have a look at this .

CATALOGUE.OLC.17.03.17. (1)

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