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Today , let me share with you ready links for certain specific videos which shall be of great interest to you :

  1. Checking of plumb before casting : In this video , I have explained how to check the plumb on the form work for the RCC column which is to be cast . In the same video , the exact steps during the de-shuttering of the RCC column are also explained. Please have a look at this video at this link :                                                                      Plumb Checking 
  2.  RCC matt foundation : This video , I have explained the basic composition of a RCC matt foundation. The box type waterproofing, PCC and RCC raft have been explained. the rebars have been shown in detail here :                                                         RCC matt foundation  part 01 
  3. In the second part of this video , the completed matt foundation has been explained. You can also see the tie beams here , which are important for any earthquake resistant building :

          RCC matt foundation part 02

You can visit these links at your convenience and take a further step towards learning.




How to find Cutting length: Diamond rings

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Let us take the query asked by one of the intelligent readers :


First part of the query we have already addressed in the following post :

How to find cutting length of circular rings.

Now let us take care of the second part.

Diagonal stirrups or Diamond stirrups.

To explain the basic method , let me take one solved example :


let us see the solution now :





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How to position a RCC Beam ?

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This is a frequently asked question.Narrow dimension to be kept horizontal or vertical ?

What do you say ?

This post shall explain you the basic reasons.


In beams the depth of section placed parallel to loading direction but in columns the depth of … by Santosh Kulkarni

Rainwater Pipe embedded in Column ?

Can we have a uPVC rain water pipe drainage embedded in a reinforced concrete column of 150×150… by Santosh Kulkarni×150-or-200×200/answer/Santosh-Kulkarni-37?share=8c707e4a&srid=zM5g