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How many bricks for this volume ?

Photo0522.jpgDear Friends ,

You must be now ready to face Such questions .

These questions might be asked to you during the interview or may be you are required to calculate such a quantity at your site.

Both the cases , you must be able to get the correct answer or you are in loss of reputation.

First try to give answer to this question yourselves :

How many bricks are required for 1 cubic feet? 

Could you find out ?

Now ,check your  answer at this link :

Bye the way , you can also go through the following videos so that your basics about the masonry are refreshed :

AAC blocks Masonry 

Materials for Brick Masonry

Volume of brick work

Brick work in progress 

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Great videos which you shall like…

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Today , let me share with you ready links for certain specific videos which shall be of great interest to you :

  1. Checking of plumb before casting : In this video , I have explained how to check the plumb on the form work for the RCC column which is to be cast . In the same video , the exact steps during the de-shuttering of the RCC column are also explained. Please have a look at this video at this link :                                                                      Plumb Checking 
  2.  RCC matt foundation : This video , I have explained the basic composition of a RCC matt foundation. The box type waterproofing, PCC and RCC raft have been explained. the rebars have been shown in detail here :                                                         RCC matt foundation  part 01 
  3. In the second part of this video , the completed matt foundation has been explained. You can also see the tie beams here , which are important for any earthquake resistant building :

          RCC matt foundation part 02

You can visit these links at your convenience and take a further step towards learning.



Video for fresh engineers

Hello friends ,

Wish you a very Prosperous and Happy new year 2018.

On the first day of this new year, a new video has been posted for the fresh engineers.

This is the first of a series of such posts to be published in due course.

This video is in Marathi and soon I intend to publish this content also in Hindi and English.

Have a look at this video :

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Enjoy and grow in the new year 2018.

Free Video for you on Concrete. [Grade from Ratio and vice versa]

Hello Friends ,

Enjoying the day ?

Every construction person needs to know these :

  1. How to find out the grade of concrete if the ratio is known
  2. How to find the ratio if the grade is given.

Right ?

Just spend 12 minutes of your busy time in watching the following video and you shall know the trick. Learn through the simple to follow steps and master the technique.

Concrete : Grade to Ratio 

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Happy New Near 2018

Hello Friends ,

Good evening.

Wanted to make sure that every one of you receive my new year wishes in time.

Would like to present you with the recently uploaded video on you tube.

This explains ” How to calculate the material Quantity for concrete ?”

This video is in simple Hindi which you shall certainly appreciate.

Here is a quick link for you :

Concrete : Materials :

Before we start with the new year 2018 , let me express my sincere thanks to each one of you who made this blog a grand success.


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Would also like to share with you that the ” On Line courses for civil engineers ” is soon going to receive a great content upgradation. Video lectures are being added in Hindi and Marathi.

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Construction Videos

 Dear Friends ,

A picture is better than a thousand words . You already know this. Right ?

Going a step further , I have experienced that a video is much much better in explaining the technical concepts .

Specially , when it comes to the field of construction management , the importance of the videos is quite clear.

Because then you are actually seeing and perceiving the actual events as happening on the construction site.

With this in mind , the author has taken a decision to upload the videos which have been shot during the class room teachings or during the actual site visits with the students.

The videos, shall definitely provide you with a different perspective on the construction.

These videos can be watched on my channel

Santosh Kulkarni

I hope you shall appreciate this initiative .

Do keep sending me your feedback and

also your valuable suggestions on improving the content of this blog.

So , enjoy the recently uploaded video .

AAC Blocks Planning 

You tube channel