Dear Reader ,
Before you take up the journey through this blog , let me put some submissions before you :

Disclaimer :

Author would like to emphasize that the sole purpose of this web site is to spread general awareness                                                                 about building construction in students or practitioners at site.
The objective is to educate people which results in enhancing overall quality of construction.
So to summarize, the Blog intent is that through reading of this blog , the building construction can take place with higher quality standards , with better safety assurance and at an optimized costs and reduced delivery periods ; and also to achieve stake holders’ delight in the process.
However, the blog posts or any information provided thereof , cannot be construed as a technical advice on specialized aspects of construction.
Each reader is , explicitly advised to consult the Architects , Structural  consultants , Legal advisers and Government Authorities   before venturing out for any specific decision related to Land, Building , Structural design / Safety as a whole .
There might be information or references on products / services which might be under copy rights or patents : which are hereby being acknowledged by the Author and there is no explicit or implicit intention of this web site to breach the same through reference here.
While every care is being taken by the team to correctly present the facts about each aspect of building construction  in a blog post , there could be variations in construction practices , customs , rules and regulations from region to region and country to country. 
The Reader is therefore advised to understand the post in the spirit of the local rules, regulations, customs , bye laws and prevailing construction practices of the country /region .
The Author shall in no way be held responsible for any non compliances or non conformities or wrong executions at construction site as a result 
of erroneous interpretation of the various blog posts. of this web site.
Thank you Reader , 
You are most welcome to peruse the blogs in the light of the foregoing disclaimer statement 

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