Bending moment in over reinforced Beam 

How do I calculate the bending moment in over-reinforced beams? by Santosh Kulkarni


What is the Importance of the Span /depth ratio ?

Dear friends, 

You have so far seen many beams in your life. Right? 

Why a Beam is not cast with its larger side as horizontal? 

Why the larger dimension of the beam is always kept vertical? 

You must have asked this question many times. 

Read this post. 

It shall tell you the exact reasons for doing so. 

When selecting a rolled steel I-section for a simply supported beam, along with minimum section… by Santosh Kulkarni

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How much is the 7th day. strength of M20 ?

What is the compressive strength of grade 20 concrete at 7 days? by Santosh Kulkarni


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