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Why do we construct a framed structure nowadays in high-rise buildings? by Santosh Kulkarni


Santosh Kulkarni shared an answer on Quora with you

How can I fill out a beam with a concrete mixture when a slab is already done? by Santosh Kulkarni

Santosh Kulkarni shared an answer on Quora with you

How can I know the ratio of concrete which is already mixed wet; means suppose I wanted to make… by Santosh Kulkarni

Why a concrete cube is NOT tested when wet ?

Dear Friends ,

Have you ever wondered on this issue ?

” What happens if we test a wet cube in a compressive strength testing machine?”

Would you not like to find out what shall heppen if we do not dry the concrete specimen after 28 days and just test it under the same wet condition ?

You can find out the correct answer at this link :

By the way , how many of you have actually seen the concrete cubes being cast at site ?

Not seen ?

Well, here is the link for you to watch the cubesbeing cast at site for testing :

Concrete cubes being cast 

After the 6 cubes are cast on the day of the concrete, 3 cubes are tested on the 7th day      [ Should not give a strength less than 65% of the characterstics strength ] and remaining 3 cubes are tested on the 28th day.[100% of characterstics strength].

Would you like to see how the concrete cubes are actually tested in the laboratory ?

Here is the link for you :

Testing of concrete cubes :  

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Can we safely have a terrace garden ?

Dear Friends,

You must have seen a few terraces with beautiful gardens on it . Right ?

The plants, the pots and the soil at the terrace needs a careful planning at the time of design of the building. You must inform to the structural consultant about your future plans.

The terrace slab may not have been designed to withstand the excessive loads occuring due to the garden plants.

This question often comes to owners mind :

” How much weight can a 2nd floor terrace with 700sq feet can withstand? I want to build a terrace garden “

Read my answer below to understand this issue properly :

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