Flat slab or PT slabs? 

For a 10 x 4 m RC slab, which is a better option, a PT slab or a flat slab? by Santosh Kulkarni https://www.quora.com/For-a-10-x-4-m-RC-slab-which-is-a-better-option-a-PT-slab-or-a-flat-slab/answer/Santosh-Kulkarni-37?share=06e22f74&srid=zM5g


Structural designer not from India? 

Is a structural certification provided by a non-Indian structural engineering consultant valid … by Santosh Kulkarni https://www.quora.com/Is-a-structural-certification-provided-by-a-non-Indian-structural-engineering-consultant-valid-in-India/answer/Santosh-Kulkarni-37?share=92147464&srid=zM5g

RCC slab which bars to use? 

Dear friends,

The question is if 8mm bars are available at site, can these be used for the RCC slab? 

How to take care? 

Can I design 8 mm bars for a main bar and distribution bars for an RCC slab of 1200 sq ft? by Santosh Kulkarni https://www.quora.com/Can-I-design-8-mm-bars-for-a-main-bar-and-distribution-bars-for-an-RCC-slab-of-1200-sq-ft/answer/Santosh-Kulkarni-37?share=70e5fcbc&srid=zM5g

M sand economical than Natural sand ?

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Every year during the rainy season , the natural or river sand becomes short supply. Construction work suffers. There are other options available for the river sand…such as Crushed sand or M sand.

This post explores whether using the M sand as a replacement to the natural sand is econoimcal ?

Read it to know

Is a manufactured fine aggregate pricier than sand? by Santosh Kulkarni https://www.quora.com/Is-a-manufactured-fine-aggregate-pricier-than-sand/answer/Santosh-Kulkarni-37?share=bb5ce272&srid=zM5g

What if RCC beams and slabs are cast at different times? 

What if beam and slab are not casted monolithically but casted individually? by Santosh Kulkarni https://www.quora.com/What-if-beam-and-slab-are-not-casted-monolithically-but-casted-individually/answer/Santosh-Kulkarni-37?share=8f6bb89f&srid=zM5g


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