No monkeying around when it comes to water safety in Stuttgart Ape House

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With hygienic drinking water being of paramount importance to the health and wellbeing of the residents of the Ape House in Wilhelma, Stuttgart, Geberit Mapress was the natural choice for the building’s piping systems.

Ape House Stuttgart (2)

Spanning 10,000 square metres and built in accordance with the guidelines of the European Endangered Species Programme (EEP), the new Ape House in Wilhelma is one of the most modern of its kind in Europe, created to offer the bonobos and gorillas a suitable environment in which to play and satisfy their natural urge to be active.

The elongated, S-shaped new building is home to two separate enclosures for the gorillas and the bonobos. The indoor enclosures consist of a concrete structure formed in one piece. As an open green area, the outdoor enclosures form a natural continuation of the green roof scape, which fits harmoniously into the zoo environment.

With apes being highly intelligent and…

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New transparent offering for flood defences

Architecture, Design & Innovation

DSC06327IBS Engineered Products Ltd introduce new ‘lightweight’ version of widely used innovative glass flood defence system, now available in the UK & Ireland.

Drawing on the experience and the design of our already widely used glass flood defence system, the new sleeker product incorporates a slimmer frame design that maximises the view through the glass panels and provides flood protection up to 800mm in height and where the load criteria consideration is hydrostatic water head. This system has already been installed in mainland Europe and in the UK in South Wales.

Commenting on this recent addition to the product range, Ray Moulds, Business Development Manager, said “we recognised that not all of our clients’ designs required a system that could withstand an impact load as well as hydrostatic head, so we set to work to lighten the design and this is the result. We believe we already have…

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Seven simple field tests for cement

This Article is specially authored by young and enthusiastic Mr. Mukund Paprikar , for our blog 
Overview :

Cement is just like the oxygen for majority of the buildings and specially for RCC framed construction.

Whenever we think of any mortar or concrete , we  invariably consider the cement mortar or the cement concrete.
It is therefore essential ,  to only use  cement which is of assured quality for the construction .

This article beings forth certain simple field tests which you can carry out yourselves at the site to assess the        suitability of the cement .

Basic parameters :

We buy cement as per the grade.

Ordinary Portland cement is available in Grades 43 & 53  whereas Pozzolona Portland cement comes                          in Grade 33 only Although this grade is not printed on the bag for PPC  )

Background :

Normally test certificates are made available by the cement manufacturers along with each consignment of the cement .
For further verification , the cement can be sent to the recognized test labs for testing.
Thus , the test results shall indicate the suitability of the cement . The laboratory tests include : Compressive strength , consistency test , residue test etc .This might  take  more than 28 days to get the results and hence it may not be possible to immediately point out whether or not to use a particular batch of cement at site. 
Therefore , it is essential that certain preliminary assessment is made at the site by the site personnel :

Field tests for cement :

These are derived by the experience of the construction personnel and can give rough  indications about the unsuitability of  cement .
It is suggested that each site person is familiar with these simple tests so that a quick assessment can be initiated at site it self.

Group A : By Appearance and Feel :
1.The color of cement should be uniform . Preferably greenish grey.
2.Open the bag and observe the cement .There should not be any lumps visible  .If any lumps are found , press the lumps between fingers.  If it becomes powder ( without lumps ) ,  it is alright . In case , lumps are still seen even after pressing , it means that cement is already set and is not suitable.

3. Insert  the palm inside a cement bag , the cement should feel cool to the palm. If it is cool it is quite alright.

4.Take a little cement in the pinch and rub it by fingers . If the feel is gritty , it means setting has began in the cement.

5.Cement should not feel oily when touched with fingers.

Group B : With Water :

6. Throw a hand full of cement on the water surface inside the bucket . If the cement floats on surface , the quality is acceptable but if it sinks in the water , it is carrying impurities.

7.Take about 100 gm of cement and make a stiff paste by adding very little water .Form a cake out of this paste and place it on a glass plate. The cake should retain its sharp edges. 
Submerge this plate with cake in the water in a bucket .After 24 hours , the cake should not lose its shape  and must have attained some strength.

Note from the Blog :
Dear Reader ,
Some more photographs are to be uploaded 
Please give us a day or two for bringing the photos which shall demonstrate the various field tests with clarity.

Guest authors contributions ….start

Dear Reader ,

Greetings for the season.

With this post , your blog is entering into another phase of contents .

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As a reader , this has some direct advantages to you :

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Needless to say , dear Reader ,You also stand an opportunity of contributing to this blog.

Now presenting you the first article of this Guest author series.

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