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What to do with the old foundation ?

Dear Friends ,

you shall come across this question whenever you are developing a property. Suppose you have purchased an old building . You have now dismentalled the building.

Now question is what is to be done for the footings of the old building ?

Can these be used again in the new construction ?

Or these need to be demolished and start with a properly designed foundation ?

This is a very tricky question to answer.

If we want to start construction in an area that previously has a building, what should we do about the footings of the old building ?

Right ?

You can read through my thoughts on this question at the following link :


hope you are able to understand my view points.


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Video for fresh engineers

Hello friends ,

Wish you a very Prosperous and Happy new year 2018.

On the first day of this new year, a new video has been posted for the fresh engineers.

This is the first of a series of such posts to be published in due course.

This video is in Marathi and soon I intend to publish this content also in Hindi and English.

Have a look at this video :

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Enjoy and grow in the new year 2018.

New Webinar on AAC blocks

Hello Friends,

Good afternoon.

You can view this Free webinar on AAC blocks on this link :

AAC blocks { Hindi }

This has been narrated in Hindi so that many of you can understand the subject. This is an introduction to the topic and if you like this Webinar,then I can prepare the advanced video on AAC blocks and post it for you.

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Free Video on Cutting Length

Hello Friends ,

Each one of you understand the importance of the Reinforcement in RCC. Right ?

The detailing of the reinforcement requires that we find out the cutting lenght of the individual bars.

This is a video in Marathi which shall explain in a very simple language what are the steps for finding out the cutting length of a footing bar.

You can watch this short video [ 8 Min ].

Here is the link for you :

Cutting Length 

Do let me know your comments on this video.

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Footing depth in case of a BC soil? 

Hello Friends, 

You must have heard about the black cotton soil. It’s also known as the bc soil. It expands when it comes in contact with the water and shrinks when the water dries up. 

So now the question is how to decide the depth of footing in case of bc soil? 

Read through this article for the complete information about this aspect. 


Start the On the Online Course : 

 Hello Friends, 

Today let me share with you the experience of certain students of the on line courses for civil engineers. 

These are the distinct people who are already doing or have completed the on line courses. 

Just see their feedback about the course.

Our suggestion is that you also upgrade your knowledge, skills and overall profile through the courses. 

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Civil engineer shifting to other disciplines? 

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