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This is the 4th session and today we shall be talking about concrete.
Concrete can be planned either as a Design mix or a Nominal mix.
Design mix is more accurate since each of the constituents has been properly tested in the laboratory.
the Nominal mix is basically an imperial method of design. It assumes that the cement is of Grade 33 whereas now a days , this grade is not manufactured.
What we see at site is either Grade 43 or Grade 53 OPC .
Concrete and water is yet another topic where we need to focus.
Remember one thing : Strength of concrete and water added in the concrete are inversely proportional to each other.
Workability is one word which needs clarity.
It is the ease with which you can place or finish the concrete.
Workability means the flow of concrete.
The  flow of concrete can be measured by the slump value.
Concrete can be manufactured at the site or it can ordered directly from a batching plant which is also known as a ready mix concrete plant or RMC plant.
First video is about the transit mixer .
The transit mixer is a truck which is mounted with a drum and through this TM , the concrete is transported or supplied to your site.
Another video shall show you how the casting is done in Hammered piles on the banks of the River Godavari. You can first see the concrete being shifted by trolleys to the Piles and then lowered down with the help of tremie pipes.
Both the videos have proper captions so that each frame and object is understood to the viewer.
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Other Resources for you on concrete :
RCC comprises of Form work , concrete and Rebars.
We talked about form work in previous session:
Now let us talk about concrete.
Concrete can be specified by either grade or by the mix.
If you are wondering ,how to find the materials for a given grade of concrete ,
The  flow of concrete can be measured by the slump value.
The concrete can be tested using the specimen concrete cubes.
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Why a concrete cube is NOT tested when wet ?

Dear Friends ,

Have you ever wondered on this issue ?

” What happens if we test a wet cube in a compressive strength testing machine?”

Would you not like to find out what shall heppen if we do not dry the concrete specimen after 28 days and just test it under the same wet condition ?

You can find out the correct answer at this link :


By the way , how many of you have actually seen the concrete cubes being cast at site ?

Not seen ?

Well, here is the link for you to watch the cubesbeing cast at site for testing :

Concrete cubes being cast 

After the 6 cubes are cast on the day of the concrete, 3 cubes are tested on the 7th day      [ Should not give a strength less than 65% of the characterstics strength ] and remaining 3 cubes are tested on the 28th day.[100% of characterstics strength].

Would you like to see how the concrete cubes are actually tested in the laboratory ?

Here is the link for you :

Testing of concrete cubes :  

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Materials needed for M40 concrete ?

Dear Friends ,

You  are able to answer this question ?

The prestressed slab you are seeing in this picture is of Grade 40.

We have seen this earlier . Right ?

Thats why it is necessary for you to keep referring to your notes on a regular basis always.

Any way , if you would like to find out How much cement, sand, and aggregate were required for an M 40 grade with a 30% replacement of fly ash , you can read my answer on this link :


And , by the way , do you know , would like to learn how to find out how much ingredients for the concrete once again ?

First you should see this video. This explain what is the meaning of the term grade and it also explains how to convert a grade into the proportion of materials :

Grade to ratio conversion

Then you would like to see the calculations for finding out the materials for 1 cum of concrete :

How to find the Materials for concrete

If you know all this but are not aware as to what is meant by the grade of cement , then you must also see this video :

What is the grade of cement ?

Ok then friends, please see these videos and upgrade or refresh your skills.

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Free Video for you on Concrete. [Grade from Ratio and vice versa]

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Every construction person needs to know these :

  1. How to find out the grade of concrete if the ratio is known
  2. How to find the ratio if the grade is given.

Right ?

Just spend 12 minutes of your busy time in watching the following video and you shall know the trick. Learn through the simple to follow steps and master the technique.

Concrete : Grade to Ratio 

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Mix design for concrete M80 ??

Dear friends, 

Today let’s see how to carry out the mix design. I’d like to quote a good answer on quora. 

Knowledge of this topic is very important for every construction personnel. 

Read this post carefully. 

What is the mix proportions for the M-80 Grade concrete, and where is it used? Let’s see how this subject has been dealt with. 


How many specimen cubes? 

Dear friends, 

On site, we need to cast specimen cubes for testing the concrete. This post explains how to remember the size and how many cubes are tested and at how much duration? 

How many cube specimens are used to find the maximum strength in concrete, and why? by Santosh Kulkarni https://www.quora.com/How-many-cube-specimens-are-used-to-find-the-maximum-strength-in-concrete-and-why/answer/Santosh-Kulkarni-37?share=31a02519&srid=zM5g

How much Material  in concrete mix : 1:1.5:2?

Dear friends, 

This practice is going to be quite useful to you at the site. 

Even if this question is asked during the interview,you can be confident now. 

Please read this carefully and remember the trick. 

One cubic meter of cement concrete mixture of ratio 1:1.5:2 then what will be the quantity of c… by Santosh Kulkarni https://www.quora.com/One-cubic-meter-of-cement-concrete-mixture-of-ratio-1-1-5-2-then-what-will-be-the-quantity-of-cement-sand-and-aggregate/answer/Santosh-Kulkarni-37?share=eb34650d&srid=zM5g