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Free Video for you on Concrete. [Grade from Ratio and vice versa]

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Every construction person needs to know these :

  1. How to find out the grade of concrete if the ratio is known
  2. How to find the ratio if the grade is given.

Right ?

Just spend 12 minutes of your busy time in watching the following video and you shall know the trick. Learn through the simple to follow steps and master the technique.

Concrete : Grade to Ratio 

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Mix design for concrete M80 ??

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Today let’s see how to carry out the mix design. I’d like to quote a good answer on quora. 

Knowledge of this topic is very important for every construction personnel. 

Read this post carefully. 

What is the mix proportions for the M-80 Grade concrete, and where is it used? Let’s see how this subject has been dealt with. 


How many specimen cubes? 

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On site, we need to cast specimen cubes for testing the concrete. This post explains how to remember the size and how many cubes are tested and at how much duration? 

How many cube specimens are used to find the maximum strength in concrete, and why? by Santosh Kulkarni https://www.quora.com/How-many-cube-specimens-are-used-to-find-the-maximum-strength-in-concrete-and-why/answer/Santosh-Kulkarni-37?share=31a02519&srid=zM5g

How much Material  in concrete mix : 1:1.5:2?

Dear friends, 

This practice is going to be quite useful to you at the site. 

Even if this question is asked during the interview,you can be confident now. 

Please read this carefully and remember the trick. 

One cubic meter of cement concrete mixture of ratio 1:1.5:2 then what will be the quantity of c… by Santosh Kulkarni https://www.quora.com/One-cubic-meter-of-cement-concrete-mixture-of-ratio-1-1-5-2-then-what-will-be-the-quantity-of-cement-sand-and-aggregate/answer/Santosh-Kulkarni-37?share=eb34650d&srid=zM5g

How much is the 7th day. strength of M20 ?

What is the compressive strength of grade 20 concrete at 7 days? by Santosh Kulkarni https://www.quora.com/What-is-the-compressive-strength-of-grade-20-concrete-at-7-days/answer/Santosh-Kulkarni-37?share=6f2ad0b5&srid=zM5g

M sand economical than Natural sand ?

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Every year during the rainy season , the natural or river sand becomes short supply. Construction work suffers. There are other options available for the river sand…such as Crushed sand or M sand.

This post explores whether using the M sand as a replacement to the natural sand is econoimcal ?

Read it to know

Is a manufactured fine aggregate pricier than sand? by Santosh Kulkarni https://www.quora.com/Is-a-manufactured-fine-aggregate-pricier-than-sand/answer/Santosh-Kulkarni-37?share=bb5ce272&srid=zM5g