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Why a concrete cube is NOT tested when wet ?

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Have you ever wondered on this issue ?

” What happens if we test a wet cube in a compressive strength testing machine?”

Would you not like to find out what shall heppen if we do not dry the concrete specimen after 28 days and just test it under the same wet condition ?

You can find out the correct answer at this link :


By the way , how many of you have actually seen the concrete cubes being cast at site ?

Not seen ?

Well, here is the link for you to watch the cubesbeing cast at site for testing :

Concrete cubes being cast 

After the 6 cubes are cast on the day of the concrete, 3 cubes are tested on the 7th day      [ Should not give a strength less than 65% of the characterstics strength ] and remaining 3 cubes are tested on the 28th day.[100% of characterstics strength].

Would you like to see how the concrete cubes are actually tested in the laboratory ?

Here is the link for you :

Testing of concrete cubes :  

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Great videos which you shall like…

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Today , let me share with you ready links for certain specific videos which shall be of great interest to you :

  1. Checking of plumb before casting : In this video , I have explained how to check the plumb on the form work for the RCC column which is to be cast . In the same video , the exact steps during the de-shuttering of the RCC column are also explained. Please have a look at this video at this link :                                                                      Plumb Checking 
  2.  RCC matt foundation : This video , I have explained the basic composition of a RCC matt foundation. The box type waterproofing, PCC and RCC raft have been explained. the rebars have been shown in detail here :                                                         RCC matt foundation  part 01 
  3. In the second part of this video , the completed matt foundation has been explained. You can also see the tie beams here , which are important for any earthquake resistant building :

          RCC matt foundation part 02

You can visit these links at your convenience and take a further step towards learning.



Video for fresh engineers

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On the first day of this new year, a new video has been posted for the fresh engineers.

This is the first of a series of such posts to be published in due course.

This video is in Marathi and soon I intend to publish this content also in Hindi and English.

Have a look at this video :

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New Webinar on AAC blocks

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You can view this Free webinar on AAC blocks on this link :

AAC blocks { Hindi }

This has been narrated in Hindi so that many of you can understand the subject. This is an introduction to the topic and if you like this Webinar,then I can prepare the advanced video on AAC blocks and post it for you.

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Recently I have uploaded interesting videos for you.


For example :

Cutting Length of a Footing Bar  [ Marathi ]

How to find ratio from the grade  [ Hindi ]

How to calculate materials in concrete [ Hindi ]

These videos have been specially made in Hindi and Marathi as I have seen that some students do have difficulties in understanding the English.

Even for such students , there is a special video on the :

Importance of English at sites 

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Free Video on Cutting Length

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Each one of you understand the importance of the Reinforcement in RCC. Right ?

The detailing of the reinforcement requires that we find out the cutting lenght of the individual bars.

This is a video in Marathi which shall explain in a very simple language what are the steps for finding out the cutting length of a footing bar.

You can watch this short video [ 8 Min ].

Here is the link for you :

Cutting Length 

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Free Video for you on Concrete. [Grade from Ratio and vice versa]

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Every construction person needs to know these :

  1. How to find out the grade of concrete if the ratio is known
  2. How to find the ratio if the grade is given.

Right ?

Just spend 12 minutes of your busy time in watching the following video and you shall know the trick. Learn through the simple to follow steps and master the technique.

Concrete : Grade to Ratio 

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