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Really?  On line course? 

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You can receive  a sample Audio Visual PPT from me by mail so that you can have a feel of how the actual teaching takes place. Also let me know which is your preferred language .

The PPT slides are in English but the commentary can be either in English or Hindi or in Marathi . So that you can easily understand .

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Dear Friends ,

Thank you so much for amazing response for the Online course.

This is a great opportunity for upgrading your skills in Construction.

Many people do graduation or Diploma for a long time are not employed.

As a result , the knowledge acquired through hard work & formal education gets forgotten.

This course is specially suited for Ladies in the construction field.

There is no need to physically travel any where or commute for the classes.

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If you are looking to sharpen your skills for the upcoming interviews or written exams , this is an excellent opportunity for you.!

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Dear Friends ,

Often the waiting period between the graduation and the first interview is quite long and annoying. Often students tend to forget the hard earned knowledge during these days. Some students get diverted to some other activity after the college and hence when they seek the interview , they don’t feel confident.
This post describes about the course which is being launched to brush up the knowledge through an effective method.
Read on for further details.


Objectives of the course :
To increase the effectiveness of the construction professionals  by upgrading knowledge .

Methodology :
1. Conduct a series of practical tests .
2. Identify the weak areas through the answers .
3. Giving inputs on the basic concepts
4. Provide support through appropriate study materials in the form of PPT , PDF , Videos.
5. By solving difficulties where the students get stuck
6.By Counselling

Why this is needed ?
While conducting interviews for various builders for Site Engineers , we felt that :
The Basic concepts are not clear to them.

For example :
1.How to calculate the Areas, Volumes of various shapes and geometries.
2.There are difficulties in conversions between British and Metric units.
3.While calculating for concrete ratios , students are not able to convert the Grade into proportions and vice versa.
4.While calculating the material , they are not able to calculate materials for :
Concrete ,Brick work ,Mortar and Plaster
Although these things are taught at the Degree or Diploma level , students have either not understood them properly or have forgotten how to apply these principles on actual problems.

You can imagine the serious effect of these issues .
The students are not able to perform as expected on the construction sites.
This obviously leads to a stagnated career.

Why  On- Line course ?
On line course has been planned so that the students from different geographical regions can participate in this initiative .
The exercises are designed in such a way that the students can answer to these questions directly from the hand set . No lap top or desktop computer is considered necessary for this course.

Modus operandi [ Method ] ?
The exercises , PPT’s and PDF’s are sent over the mail.
The videos are made available through You tube .
Difficulties are solved through Whatsapp chat .
If necessary , Google documents can also be used to work together .
What is the course structure ?

1.Manthan :

This Module is aimed at refreshing the basics like :
Units , Measurements ,Geometric formulae ,

Basic estimation
Concrete : Grade , Ratio
Calculations of Materials for :Concrete ,Mortar , Brickwork , Plaster
Finding the cutting lengths of Rebars in :Footings ,Columns,Beams,Slabs

2. Pragati :

This Module aims at gaining insights in issues like :
Selection of & Appointment of agencies ,Selection of foundation type ,
Line out , Mobilization ,Excavations ,Concrete ,Brickwork ,Plaster
Door windows ,Plumbing sanitary ,waterproofing

Your questions and queries are most welcome .

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