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Thank you so much…. for the feedback

Hello Friends ,

Good afternoon.

Long time we have not done any introspection . Right ?

Do you know that these page views , 270079 , represent viewers of 188  countries ?

This is the paero chart for your quick view :


The entire list of 188 countries is so long that it shall be difficult to view it in a single glance. ]

Some time back , we had requested the viewers to take a survey about various features of this blog. The results are very encouraging .

Thank you so much for taking out your precious time and giving us the feed back about the blog.

Thought , you would like to know about the survey results.

Let me present you the survey report here :





Thank you so much once again and let me assure that we shall always ensure that this blog  shall always help you towards achieving your goals in your career.

Bye Bye




Blog Performance

Dear Reader ,

YOUR continued support  is quite astounding !

Now your blog has 277  followers and

has 26,278  page views from readers from more than 45 countries.

This is the 201st post of  your blog .

Compare this with the  Status as on 14th Dec 2014 :

Now your blog has 70 followers and has 1540 happy readers across 26 countries.

We have 56 posts now..and counting ….the response was simply tremendous.

The earlier record of 56 Page views in a day was shattered by the new record of 451 page views in a day .It happened on 14th Dec 2014 , when the blog got transformed into a web site , 

Here are a selected messages  received through WhatsApp :

[ Updated on 2nd Jan 2015 ]

Yes sir.. I visited ur site.. it is very nice n useful !!

Karan Patil

Congratulations Sir, we are very glad when we get to know that you  have created website about construction..
There is huge source of knowledge for us.. Thanks sir  and  we are also following your  blog
Chinmay Dighvekar 
Harshvardhan Pawar 
Sir !! I congratulate you  for this great Step.. and good wishes always…
.. Sir


Ashok Sharma



Sir Nice to hear from you after so long.. 
I have bookmarked the link.. 
Very informative.. Hope to meet you soon.. Congrats.. ;
Animesh  Patil


Great sir


Nikhil Jashnani.


I read your blog sir…it’s amazing 


Dinesh Sonawane


I just visited. It’s awesome:


Keshav Jadhav


Its very useful


Kunal Kharote


Posting Tons of Gratitude today.

Today for the first time I am writing just extempore.

There is no prior thinking , no drafts no editing ..just going to press ” Publish “.

You shall ask why is it so ? Today I feel very happy and contented .Let me share why .

Today ,just a few minutes back, your blog has achieved this status :

360 Views, 48 followers and 28 Posts.

A few days back, on 4th Nov 2014, when I wrote the first post , the exact plan was not clear in my mind.There were so many ideas and thoughts .All were getting mixed up.

Then came the first post which brought the remaining 27 posts in a series.

Today on the occasion of 29th post ,I just want to put on record my sincere appreciations and gratitude to everyone who has directly or indirectly has contributed to the success of this blog.

Believe me , some day I am really going to try to make a list of all those people who have really taught me what I am and whatever little I know as on date. Listing down is simply not possible since these personalities have appeared in and disappeared from my life in a span of 58 years.

This 29th post is dedicated to all of them .

which also include the esteemed readers and followers of this blog .