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Thank you so much…. for the feedback

Hello Friends ,

Good afternoon.

Long time we have not done any introspection . Right ?

Do you know that these page views , 270079 , represent viewers of 188  countries ?

This is the paero chart for your quick view :


The entire list of 188 countries is so long that it shall be difficult to view it in a single glance. ]

Some time back , we had requested the viewers to take a survey about various features of this blog. The results are very encouraging .

Thank you so much for taking out your precious time and giving us the feed back about the blog.

Thought , you would like to know about the survey results.

Let me present you the survey report here :





Thank you so much once again and let me assure that we shall always ensure that this blog  shall always help you towards achieving your goals in your career.

Bye Bye





Dear Readers ,

Put a big hand together for the friends who have recently joined this blog.

let us also take a brief review of our achievements.

Now we have 463 followers .

We have 1,06,509 page views so far.

We have 55,297 visitors so far and these visitors belong to more than 130 countries.

This is the 298th article we are posting for you.

Most important , your blog has broken its own record of 584 page views in a single day.

The newly set bench mark is 635 page views ( 30th June 2016)

This is the stat sheet for your reference :


This would  not possible with your continuous support.

Thank you so much.


Today we are going to see how to calculate the cutting length of a stirrup in just one step.

Here it is ;





There is also a short cut :



Hope you keep on enjoying the articles.

Thank you so much.

See you again with another interesting article soon.



Gratitude enormous !

Thank you soooooo much my dear friends and readers.
With your fabulous response , we have broken our earlier record of 484 views in a day.
The new record created on 25th Feb 2016 is 493 views in a single day.
Stay tuned for many more interesting articles which shall lead you on the path of right practices in construction.
Thank you so much.

Santosh Kulkarni

Thank you so much

This is the advantage of the cyber age.

No sooner than I had published the previous article that I have received a like from a distant friend.

Almost simultaneously , another engineer asked me this question.

I am taking down exactly same question here from Whatsapp :

“ Dear Sir , I want the different  questions and their answers which are asked in interview for civil engineer job. “

And incidentally , this also gives us a specific direction for the topic for the new article on this blog.

So , coming shortly with an article on this frequently asked question on Interviews.

Thank you my dear friends for giving me the opportunity to help you.

All the best !IMG_5052

Webinars for you

Dear Reader ,

The Webinars :

You shall be glad to know that , we soon plan to start  web based seminars .

The objectives :

1. To cater the focussed  content in a
dedicated manner to the specially formed audience .

2.To be able to present the topic on a real time basis .

3.To be able to understand and resolve the audience queries

4. To enhance greater learning experience

In this context , we have started gearing up .

Registering the participants for the construction webinars has just began.

Kindly subscribe through this link .

Free Subscription

By registering :

1.Your name shall be included in the mailing list .

2. You shall be informed about the Webinar schedules .

3.Based on your interest and availability , you can decide on joining the webinars .

4. You can always  unsubscribe from the list any time in the future if you are nointerested further.

Hope you shall avail this opportunity and subscribe .


Link for Free Subscription