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What is Bar Bending Schedule ?

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The Blog has recently achieved a status of having 850 Followers .

Various Initiatives are regularly planned for the engagement and enlightment of the readers.

One such initiative is ” On Line courses for Civil Engineers ” which have been commenced from Sept 2016.

Many students have benefitted through the Basic Module for construction .

” The On line courses “ is an appropriate medium for learning new concepts or for honing the skills without disturbing the routine activities .

Now presenting the On line course on “BAR BENDING SCHEDULE ” which was requested by many students for some time.
This article explains the course Objectives and other details you would like to know.

Hope you get registered for this course by 15th April 2017 .

Course begins from 20th April 2017.

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Ready template for Internal Plaster

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We have been talking about preparing templates for various civil works .

In the previous article, we saw how to prepare a template for Rate analysis for cement concrete of M20 grade.

This is the link for your quick reference : Link

Today , let me share with you a template for Internal plaster.

In this template , you need to feed the following inputs :

  1. Room dimensions [ length , breadth and height ]
  2. Details of the openingsĀ 
  3. Mortar mix for the plaster
  4. Thickness of the plaster
  5. Material rates

The template shall immediately give you :

  1. Total material cost for the plaster
  2. Rate of plaster in Rs/sqm & Rs/sqFt.

If you want , you can also know :

  1. Area of roof plasterĀ 
  2. Area of wall plaster
  3. Deductions
  4. Mortar volume required
  5. Materials required

This is the template for your study :


Hope you are able to able to prepare similar templates yourselves for your day to day applications at site.

In case of any queries , you are most welcome to contact me using this form here :

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